Meeting Frederica…

Well what a surprise the children had when they came into school on Monday and met Frederica the tortoise. The children had requested to meet her at Easter when Mrs MB (a Shipgate parent) came into Newgate to do some Easter craft with the class.

Frederica has been a part of the MB family for around 40 years and her age is predicted to be around 80 years old! The children each had the opportunity to feel her shell and skin and ask lots of questions, such as what she likes to eat…grapes are her favourite!

Following on from the visit, the children wrote questions or a recount experience using the information that had been shared about Frederica the tortoise. The children learnt about labelling a tortoise and this then led to designing a tortoise.

This week has been busy as we put on our dancing shoes and went to see a performance of ‘The Mermaid’ at the Liverpool Philharmonic Theatre. It was a wonderful musical experience with a beautiful story and a special memory to treasure for all.

On Thursday we have welcomed Newgate’s first transition day. The children were very excited and Miss Pourghorban was so proud of how Bridgegate ready they are. On Tuesday your child will transition in morning challenge straight into Bridgegate.

Many thanks,

The Newgate Team