Measurement and Mummification

Another exciting week for Eastgate who have extended their knowledge of ancient Egypt by exploring the important role of pyramids and Egyptian Gods. Mummification was a definite highlight this week. This children worked together to sequence the steps and prepared a child for their journey to afterlife- we had so much fun. The children are really enjoying this topic and are fascinated by all they learn, leading us into interesting conversations and discoveries- did you know the Great Pyramid is 140m tall and took 20 years to build.

Speaking of height, Eastgate have enjoyed getting practical in maths this week as they recap measurement. As the week progressed, the children extended their understanding by converted grams to kilograms/millilitres to litres and eventually comparing them- super learning Eastgate.

In PSHE we continue our topic about safety and to raise awareness of Road Safety week we refreshed our understanding of The Green Cross Code. The children exercised their learning on the way to swimming this week. We’re thrilled to have this enrichment opportunity back this week and look forward to swimming every second week.

Have a restful week,

The Eastgate Team