This week Northgate have excelled themselves in the world of math fluency, reasoning and problem solving which culminated in a fantastic morning of outdoor learning for World Maths Day on Thursday. The children worked together to solve problems involving shape, space and measure and data handling. They also enjoyed the maths-eyes challenge, solving maths problems in the real world and creating their own real life maths problems.

They have also worked hard to develop their rock star status when practising their times tables and have learned to add and subtract multiples of 100 using the bar model method and adding and subtracting ones numbers from a 3-digit number mentally.

The budding poets of the class thrived when learning about poetry this week, the children explored a range of poems before drafting and publishing a volcano shape poem. They learned how to write expanded noun phrases to create interesting sentences as well as using A,A, adverbs and similes for creative effect. The produced some some stunning pieces ‘Listen, listen to the loud rumbling of the ground, the volcano about to roar like a lion. It is time, it is time to flee before the volcano attacks like a Roman solider.’

In our unit of inquiry the children time-travelled to Mount Vesuvius and wrote a diary entry of their experiences as well as producing some fantastic art to reflect the magma erupting from a volcano.

In Spanish Northgate have continued to develop their conversational skills and wrote a brief dialogue of two people meeting and in PSE the children have focused on positive thinking.

This week Northgate have worked exceptionally hard as they have also completed their assessments. We’re very proud of their positive attitude and how much progress they have made.

Well done Northgate.

The Northgate Team.