Making Predictions and Experimenting

As part of science week, Bridgegate have explored in further detail, the life cycle of a chick. In addition to creating a Non-Chronological report, based on their life cycle, the children have closely identified how our 8 friendly chick’s tiny feathers have started to emerge on their wings. As our chicks grow, so have their eating habits! A fun fact Bridgegate have identified this week, is that chicks cannot identify the different between day and night and therefore, if they want to… can eat all day long!

As part of their scientific enquiry, the children explored the difference between ‘living’, ‘non-living’ and ‘never lived’. In doing so, Bridgegate categorised a variety of everyday objects, animals and even explored the scientific definition of follicles, recognising they are classified as ‘non living’ due to the fact they are traces, remains or impressions of animals or plants that have been preserved from a past.

In maths, Bridgegate have worked collaboratively to apply their knowledge of language relating to capacity. The children have had a lot of fun in re-filling and emptying their water bottles to model their understanding of, ‘full’, ‘nearly full’, ‘half way’, ‘nearly empty’ and ’empty’. To follow, the children were enthused to develop their mathematical knowledge, by recognising how capacity can be measured in ml and l, and converting these amounts during problem solving activities they have had fun completing.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year One Team.