Magnificent Measuring!

To begin Bridgegate’s new area of learning during Maths this week, all of the children explored the concept of measuring length and height by comparing their height against their friends, within their House Teams. In doing so, the children successfully created a whole class measuring line from the shortest to tallest child… congratulations to Ed Bulkeley, you are officially the tallest child in Bridgegate! To extend their brains, the children were highly motivated to demonstrate their new found understanding of measuring once more through using and applying the language of ‘taller’, ‘shorter’, ‘longer and ‘shorter’. Additionally, the children practiced using cm and m to complete a variety of different problem solving activities, which included small and large everyday measurements.

During Literacy this week, Bridgegate explored the setting of Jack & the Beanstalk in greater detail, as a whole. Discovering a Fairy Tale inspired environment that was arranged with the help of Miss Fryman and Miss Kubow, the children creatively noted a range of exciting adjectives to describe their findings, which were accompanied by a variety of carefully captured images using Pic Collage. To follow, the children were keen to use their imaginative collages as a stimulus to complete a descriptive piece of writing which identified the environment that is presented in the story, Jack & the Beanstalk.

Within Religious Education, the children developed their understanding of the traditions that are celebrated within the religion Hinduism. To do so, the children enjoyed listening to beautiful music, which Hindu’s believe represent ‘truth’. Consequently, the children recognised how Hindus believe that ‘truth’ is eternal and successfully understood that Brahman, the one true God, is formless, limitless and all inclusive in the eyes of Hindus. To follow, Bridgegate were enthused to design and recreate Mehndi, a form of body art which is commonly celebrated by many woman at festivals on their hands and feet.

For information regarding Bridgegate’s homework, please find the letter attached to the homework books the children returned home with on Thursday afternoon.Have a lovely weekend,

The Year One Team.