Looks Like We Made It

We feel in Wolfgate that these last five weeks have gone by so quickly- however our amazing Wolfpack parents may think differently.

We have made it to Half Term, and Spring and Summer are trying to peek through and lift our moods. All we can say is that we are incredibly proud of everybody in Wolfgate and how they have conducted themselves online throughout these past five weeks.

In English this week, the children have planned, drafted, edited and re-drafted an Instructional Manual on how to safely navigate The Whispering Woods, which has been the setting focus for the past few weeks. The children have worked incredibly hard to include imperative verbs, relative clauses and ensuring they used formal language throughout their writing.

In Maths, the children have been completing their Spring 1 block by mastering percentages, the children have worked superbly this week finding percentages of amounts using their known facts from finding fractions of amounts and have made links with the two. They can now confidently find 10%, 25% and 50% of a number and also used known facts to calculate multiples of 10 and also 1% and 5% of numbers.

Within our Art lessons we have created some brilliant hybrid pieces of art including Quentin Blake and Adam Oehers techniques, including The Whispering Woods and Fantastic Mr Fox.

In PE , the children have been working hard working on their juggling skills and also taken part in some high intensity workout with Miss Valentine. They have also extended their knowledge in a healthy diets and have been sent a challenge to cook a meal at home that provides energy and his also healthy.

We rounded off our Science learning by looking at the affects alcohol and smoking have on the humans. The children researched the affects smoking have on the lungs and the dangers it can have on an individual. They held some very mature discussions with each other.

As our half term comes to an end, the children have reflected on ‘Zoom School’ so far and it has been lovely to hear that they have enjoyed the experience as best as they can be and love being part of a ‘classroom’ each day.

Words can not explain how proud the Wolfgate team are with the children, and we can not wait to be back in the classroom with them soon.

Have a restful week off and take care,

The Wolfgate Team