Let’s Get Physical Bridgegate!

Bridgegate have had another fantastic week this week!

Our Maths learning centered around addition, and how we can swap the numbers but still have the same answers. We created our addition sentences using practical resources, such as Numicon and spinners. Some children even had a go at being the teacher! They were very good too!

Bridgegate had a mystery on their hands this week. On Tuesday we had a suitcase delivered to our class. It was full of different objects. The most intriguing was an empty packet of cheese!?! Bridgegate explored these objects and we had a whole class discussion about who could have sent it too us. The children came up with some fantastic ideas; “A mouse” could have sent it to us. It could be a “traveller”. Maybe they sent it to “spy on us?” We haven’t found out who it is yet but we are hoping for some more clues soon…

We have begun our learning about Miracles within Christianity this week. The children showed a great respect towards their learning in this area. Bridgegate enjoyed using their drama skills to recreate the Miracle of ‘Jesus heals the Blind Man.’ Well done Bridgegate!

We have continued with our topic in Science and looked at what we, as humans, need to survive. We discussed that there are also things that we want but what might not need. For example; we need a house for shelter but we want our own room.

During PSHE this week we talked about jobs. We looked a how each job has a different skill set and how we can choose our job based on what we are good at. The children talked about what jobs they want to do when they grow up. The Bridgegate team cannot wait to see all the future Police Officers, Teachers and Rockstars!

A firm favourite for Bridgegate this week has definitely been having the opportunity to practise our physical skills on the new climbing equipment at playtimes. There are some excellent climbers in the class. They all demonstrated excellent maturity in the way they used the equipment and were so patient when waiting for their turn. Good job Bridgegate!

Thank you so much for all the continued support. Have a lovely weekend!

The Bridgegate Team