Let’s Dance!

On Monday 29th April, Pete Francis from Nebular Artistic treated the children from Eastgate and Northgate to a spectacular dance day. Originally planned to launch the transdisciplinary theme of ‘How We Express’ ourselves at the start of term, Pete’s workshops this week showed that he was well worth the wait.

Originally from Glossop, with formal dance training from the age of 8 which included study at the Northern Ballet School and attendance of three top conservatoires in England (he was a class mate of Scary Spice!), Pete toured with ‘Stomp’ before returning to the UK to set up Nebula Artistic. Developing workshops for schools, Pete has supported practitioners across the UK in delivering not only the requirements of the National Curriculum but also an enriching experience for children.

Throughout the day he spent in school, Pete worked with our lower junior classes supporting their expression through dance without music. He spent time talking to the children about his own journey as a dancer and how training and discipline was a key to his success.

The teaching team were really please with the success of his visit.

‘Peter was hilarious! His manner with the children was warm and engaging; he was ‘just cool’ in the children’s own words and inspired even the most reluctant dancer to get moving. The children were motivated and keen to create their own dances in the playground afterwards.’

The children were encouraged to use their body percussion to enhance each performance and enjoyed sharing their compositions with their friends and celebrating their success. It was interesting for the children to look at dance as an expressive form without music, spending the day focusing on movement and beat rather than being directed by song.

Bibi Roberts, a Northgate pupil said, ‘It was a really good day; I liked the sounds, beats and rhythm as they were loud and fast. I learned that dance can also make music too. I’d love to do it again!’