Leap-Frogging into the weekend!

Northgate have had a jam-packed and varied week of exciting learning opportunities. In our unit of inquiry Ancient Egyptians the children have used their knowledge of Ancient Egypt to map out Egypt, including learning how to create a key, showing where the River Nile is, key cities, pyramids and other monuments. The children have also started to research the River Nile and next week will be creating ‘live’ news broadcasts from the River Nile to showcase what they have learned. The children have also commemorated Armistice, the respectfully held a two minute silence whilst accompanied by The Last Post as well as analysing the poem In Flanders Fields, learning the significance of the poppy for The British Legion and created truly stunning watercolour artwork.

In literacy the children have completed the poetry unit and practised consolidating their spellings by applying them in sentences. We cannot wait to explore our vehicle text Egyptology. In maths the children have cracked column subtraction with exchanging and are beginning to apply this strategy when solving word problems.

The children had a fantastic opportunity along with Watergate to get involved with Amasing and took part their first zoom Christmas song workshop learning Elton John’s Step into Christmas.

Northgate also had a fantastic time creating a virtual operation Christmas child shoebox for the charity Samaritan’s Purse. The children loved having the opportunity to choose who their box would go to (a boy ages between 5-9) and really considered what types of toys and essentials they were need and were particularly surprised to learn that a calculator is essential for some children in Uganda to pass their leavers exams at school. If you would like to get involved at home and create your own virtual shoebox click on the link here –

Northgate also had great fun getting into the spirit of Children in Need and were set the challenge of acting their combined age of 182 years (this was worked out before a record number of children turning 8 this week). The children were set the challenge of completing 182 leap frogs, which was brilliant. Thank you Northgate.

A wonderful week of learning, well done Northgate.