Watergate have enjoyed a wonderful, SATs free week. Celebrating the final week of this busy half term, the children consolidated… read more
During Bridgegate’s final week before the half term begins, the children have been extremely dedicated and have performed to their… read more
Another great week in Eastgate this week! As this half terms dance sessions for KS2 come to an end, the… read more
A super week in Eastgate this week! During literacy, Eastgate have been incredibly busy getting their exhibition display work completed.… read more
This week, Shipgate have been busy being amazing writers, and have written some wonderful stories about the heartache of escaping… read more
Wow! What a wonderful week in Newgate! This week we have been busy comparing everything! The children have chosen to… read more
This week, Northgate's collaborative projects have seen them researching and writing an explanation text on their cultural dance. They explored… read more
Watergate have had a fantastic week that concluded with a celebration. The Year Two Team could not be prouder of… read more
To kick start this week, Bridgegate explored the artistic technique, ‘Pointillism’, alongside their friends in class. To do so, the… read more
On Tuesday we came back to school to go on an adventure! Following on from our ZOG story, the children… read more

House Points

  • Foxes
  • Owls
  • Squirrels
  • Hedgehogs