It’s Not Negative in Eastgate


Eastgate have had another busy week focusing on reflection and celebration. We concluded the week raising awareness for Children In Need. The children took part in fantastic Act Your Age challenges that ranged from leap frogging to TimesTable Rockstar games. We had so much fun celebrating an amazing cause and looked fabulous in our pyjamas. The children understand the importance of kindness and sharing with those less fortune than us. Therefore they jumped at the opportunity to create a virtual shoebox in support of Operation Christmas Child. Selecting gorgeous gifts and working together to create something special, Eastgate feel good about their chance to spread joy. Likewise, in Religious Education Studies, we explored Diwali looking at how and why Hindus celebrate this tradition. The children really enjoyed revisiting the story of Rama and Sita and hearing of how light triumphs over darkness. We look forward to continuing our exploration of Hinduism in the coming weeks.

In mathematics, the children have been exploring negative numbers and as the week progressed they explored the use of them in temperatures, overdrafts and lift levels. Eastgate are always keen to exercise their new knowledge and it would be beneficial if they were exposed to negative numbers in their everyday life and when they’re out and about. Where can you spot negative numbers?

On Wednesday, Eastgate joined their peers and the rest of England to respect the two minuets silence and remembered all those who lost their lives fighting for freedom. The children were so proud of William who played brilliantly and we utilised our understanding of this special day that united us all, to write more powerful poetry. The children were so excited to perform if for each other and ended the day creating decorative poppies.

Have a fabulous weekend,
The Eastgate Team.