Historic Heroines

Northgate have had a fantastic week of learning, they have experienced what life was like for a Victorian child, writing a diary entry discussing life working as chimney sweeps, housekeepers and factory workers and explaining just how dangerous life could be like. They also learned about the artist LS Lowry and created a city landscape in his style, focusing on his use of muted colours and stick people. They were introduced to their final historic heroine Queen Elizabeth II. They created fact-files on the Queen using their prior knowledge, as well as learning new facts and creating a family tree and a modern portrait of her using collage.

The authors within Northgate have dug deeper into their vehicle text ‘The Journey’ and their model text, exploring the writer’s hints to innovate with their own versions and have planned and drafted their own refugee narrative.

In maths, the children completed data handling, collecting and recording information in bar charts investigating which ice-cream flavour was the most popular.

The children have also worked exceptionally hard to complete their final assessments for the year, well done Northgate.

A brilliant week of learning, well done Northgate.