Hats off to Bridgegate!

To kick-start the week, Bridgegate were welcomed back to school with a special fashion show alongside Watergate, to showcase their beautiful hat creations they had made over the half term and their unique, creative style to all. Everyone, including the Year One Team, had a brilliant morning celebrating the efforts and talents of all the children, which was a fantastic beginning for Bridgegate’s new learning topic, ‘How the Past Influences the Future’.

Bridgegate explored their first, influential individual from the past this week… Coco Chanel! In recognising the great work of Chanel throughout the years and learning all about the impact Coco Chanel has had on the future, the children were inspired to create visual fact files using the iPads. Their fact files successfully represented the great work of Chanel and were jam-packed with inspirational facts they had absorbed about the icon, which they were later enthused to share amongst their friends, once complete. To follow, Bridgegate applied their knowledge of how to write a captivating letter and collectively, composed a letter to inform the great fashion designer and businesswoman, Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco”, why they considered her to be inspiring and their awareness of the impact she has had to this day.

During Maths, Bridgegate furthered their knowledge by recognising and naming common 2D shapes through a variety of exciting activities. The children thoroughly enjoyed working alongside each other at the start of the week and took part in a shape hunt outdoors in the sun. Towards the end of the week, the children then challenged themselves by describing the properties of 2D shapes, including the number of sides they have, whilst also beginning to recognise lines of symmetry on common 2D shapes, well done Bridgegate!

To bring the week to an end and to celebrate the first week of learning all about ‘How the Past Influences the Future’, the children were excited to create vibrant portraits as another way to celebrate themselves! In the style of Andy Warhol, Bridgegate carefully outlined a silhouette of their portrait with fine liner pen and went on to collaring their masterpiece, with colourful confetti paper, to bring life to their gorgeous work.

We hope you enjoy a restful and enjoyable weekend,
The Year One Team.