Growing in Bridgegate!

Bridgegate have had another amazing week, this week! The children have settled into our routines and are impressing us with their independence.

Within Maths this week, Bridgegate have enjoyed learning about repeated patterns. We have made patterns using colours, 2D shapes, 3D shapes and even objects that we have found in the classroom! The children have become so confident with patterns that the children have identified patterns within their environment, such as our blue and black school ties and blue and black checked skirts.

Within Phonics this week, Bridgegate have been focusing on ay, ai and a-e. The children have worked hard to find the words that contain the ‘ay’ sound family, and identify which ‘ay’ sound it is within the word.

Within our Topic, the children have been learning about verbs, adjectives and time connectives to prepare them to write instructions of how to catch a dragon. Bridgegate have enjoyed learning about ‘bossy verbs’ and describing words to make their writing super exciting, and have identified them within their reading!

Within PE this week, the children got involved in throwing games. Working in teams, Bridgegate challenged themselves to throw as far as they could, and used different methods of throwing to support this. We have some very good throwers in Bridgegate!

Have a lovely weekend!
The Bridgegate team.