Green Fingered Friends

The Year Two Team are incredibly proud of Watergate this week, as they completed their first week of SATs. The children approached both reading papers with a positive attitude and determination. Thank you to all parents and carers for supporting your child at home and preparing them so wonderfully.

We have filled our afternoons with fun, practical learning and revisited Jack and The Beanstalk by focusing on plants. We talked about the parts of a plant and what a plant needs before conducting an experiment.

After creating mini greenhouses, the children planted a bean seed, we are looking forward to watching them grow over the coming weeks – fingers crossed. In addition, we planted four separate bean seeds and removed a need from each. For example, we have hidden one plant in a cupboard, will it grow without light? We will be recording the results in the coming weeks.

Similarly, we have planted a beautiful selection of flowers in our trug outside, on the playground. As the weather gets warmer and we move into summer, we’ll see the results of our hard work.

Have a restful weekend,

The Year Two Team.