From Bang to Zoom

Eastgate, thank you for being so amazing. We welcomed in the new year week with a bang – what a week it’s been!

Eastgate returned to school bright eyed, ready for a new term. The children were greeted by Jack, an old friend of St Martin’s and a fabulous African drumming instructor. He taught us the basics and we expressed ourselves in group tasks and solos- so cool. It was so refreshing to bang a drum, follow a beat and repeat catchy rhythms. This propelled Eastgate into their new transdisciplinary theme, How We Express Ourselves and inspired us to look at expression through music and art. Exploring the work of Picasso, the children created some amazing abstract art.

Unfortunately, we were stopped in our tracks with the announcement of school closure but we’ve been here before and I cannot commend the children enough for their positive outlook on our ability to survive and achieve during these uncertain times. We swapped the classroom for the kitchen table and didn’t let it stop us from learning. The children transferred their art skills from Monday to create more fantastic abstract art, recapped on their addition and subtraction strategies in mathematics and retold parables from the bible in RE. We enjoyed watching the Red Pandas being fed at Chester Zoo live, discussing pride in PSHE and Miss V kept us active with skilful challenges.

We’re looking forward to diving deeper into our transdisciplinary theme next week and will continue to learn and laugh together.

Have a fabulous weekend- you deserve it.

The Eastgate Team.