Feel-Good-Friday was such a hit! Positive Mental Health is so important, more so than ever due to the changes we have all faced during 2020. Thank you so much for supporting us as a school in promoting World Mental Health Day which is on the 10th of October. Feel-Good-Friday was a way for everyone to recharge their batteries, feeling comfortable, relaxed and happy in school – I was so impressed with the array of onesies on display! The children learned the importance of keeping active in promoting positive mental health, we discussed how endorphins are released and how this can improve our mood. They completed an ‘Inside Out’ themed orienteering challenge, created their home-made chocolate chip cookies which they enjoyed with a glass of cold milk. Inspired by the film Up the children considered what lifts them up and created positive mood balloons. Unfortunately several of them popped along the way but this was a good chance to explain how this can represent are negative feelings and how once they’ve ‘popped’ we need to let them go. The children also used ink and pen to create some beautiful hand art work in art therapy – the children wrote negative thoughts and emotions that they would like to let go of on their left hand and they wrote positive things they would like to hold on to and remember on their right.

The mathemagicians in Northgate this week have read and written numbers in numerals and words to 1000, mentally added and subtracted 1, 10 and 100 from 3-digit numbers, recognised the patterns between the 10 and 100 x table and the 5 and 50 x table and completed number sequences.

In literacy the children have focused on poetry, they learned about kennings and created their own riddle poems on volcanoes before creating an acrostic poem spelling the word volcano. Next week the children will focus on shape and performance poetry.

In our unit of inquiry the children have time travelled to the 24th of August 79AD to witness the eruption of Mount Vesuvius when it destroyed the city of Pompeii. They were astonished to witness how much was recovered in the 18th Century and to see first-hand the statues of the citizens of Pompeii. They wrote a time-line of events to sequence what happened during the eruption and next week we are hoping to test our green screen skills and record a live news broadcast from the site of Pompeii at 79AD.

A wonderful week of learning.

Well done Northgate.

The Northgate Team.