Express Yourself – Shipgate Style

To celebrate Children’s Mental Health Week this week, Shipgate have had a wonderful week sharing their thoughts and feelings, working as a team and completing lots of lovely activities to feel positive and celebrate how amazing they are!

Keeping active is essential for our mental health and wellbeing and Shipgate have continued to keep moving this week, during our live PE sessions with AJ and Miss Valentine, and through the daily PE challenges. Shipgate were joined by Wolfgate in our Tuesday PE session and two members of the Wolfgate class led their own ‘Wolfgate workout’. In PE theory this week, pupils had the opportunity to compete in a class Kahoot based on having a healthy diet.

In Maths, Shipgate have bowled us over this week with their effort and confidence. They have been using excellent mathematical vocabulary, to explain their methods and understanding. Our focus this week, building on last week’s learning, has been on converting between mixed numbers and improper fractions and adding and subtracting factions. Pupils were able to convert fractions so that they had a common denominator before adding and subtracting them. Pupils challenged themselves further by simplifying fractions, if they were confident.

In Literacy, pupils have continued their work based on our text ‘The Errand’. This week, pupils have been looking at formal and informal language. The children created some wonderful instructions of their own to explain how to protect yourself from an ogre. Following the sad news of Captain Sir Tom Moore’s passing, Shipgate created some wonderful poems to celebrate what an incredible person he was.

To celebrate Children’s mental health week, Shipgate have completed a number of tasks this week: creating Roald Dahl canvas art surrounded by key words about lockdown, making gratitude posters to show what we are grateful for, we worked with Chris Gilbert for another fantastic art session, we enjoyed another Digital Wizard session on Thursday and we designed and made puppets, using materials from our DT packs- wow Shipgate, what a busy week! As always, Shipgate made us proud with their efforts, perseverance, enthusiasm and their contributions to all lessons. We ended the week with our Friday workshops and Golden Time.

Thanks again for another brilliant week Shipgate- continue to look after yourself and keep smiling. We hope you have a fantastic weekend.

The Year 5 Team