Epic Experiments!

During literacy this week, Eastgate have been delving deeper into their class book ‘The journey’. They have looked at vocabulary and spelling in context and have been practising spelling key words from the text.

Within maths, Eastgate have worked in pairs to complete a range of statistic-based challenges. They had to interpret data presented in frequency charts, line graphs, pictograms and bar charts to answer a variety of questions.

During science, Eastgate completed their final experiment for the topic of sound. They discussed how sounds travel through solids, liquids and gas then went on to make their own string telephones! They were fascinated when they found out it really did work!

Within art, we looked at different portraits of Queen Elizabeth. After discussing comparisons, the children created their own versions of the two portraits- they were great!

Finally, R.E allowed the children to learn all about Islamic prayer mats. They then went on to design their own!

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

The Year 4 team.