Eastgate Make A Huge Effort

Eastgate, you never seize to amaze the teaching team – you’re so resilient. After our bubble burst, the children reestablished a learning environment at home, demonstrating their flexibility and determination. Thanks to Eastgate’s positive attitude, daily live lessons have been purposeful and collaborative and although we’ve swapped our classroom for the kitchen table, the children have had a really productive week.

In mathematics, Eastgate continued their exploration of adding and subtracting with money and as the week progressed the children were delighted at the opportunity to plan a holiday to Jamaica. The budget was set and Eastgate worked collaboratively to ensure they spent wisely and remained within budget. Likewise, after learning about the importance of a balanced meal, the children were given a budget to spend on daily and weekly meals – which they really enjoyed.

In literacy, the children continued to extend their knowledge of poetry and created some lovely short poems, looking at structure, grammar and punctuation techniques in tandem. Eastgate also researched fascinating facts about Bob Marley and typed their findings – really good team work.

In science, the children investigated conductors and insulators by creating, editing and observing circuits. If you would like to continue your experiment click here.

We celebrated many things, including each other’s achievements, England’s win against Germany and International Reggae music day – a busy week indeed. Eastgate concluded their celebrations with strawberries and cream as we settled down to watch tennis royalty at Wimbledon.

Thanks you for all your hard work this week. Although circumstances aren’t ideal, it’s been a pleasure.

Have a restful weekend,

The Eastgate Team.