Eastgate Get Some Perspective

Eastgate have survived a full half term in school and after a a year of disruption this is certainly a triumph of which we are proud. The children have worked wonderfully hard and achieved so much and we concluded the week by putting things into perspective – we are better together.

Reflecting on our knowledge of refugees, the children wrote emotive stories of war, travel and seeking asylum. Eastgate selected powerful vocabulary to evoke emotion and impact the reader – I’m so impressed. We hope to join Jonah’s mum for Refugee Week, next half term by planting a flag in the grounds of the cathedral.

Eastgate have enjoyed looking at art from different points of view, exploring vanishing points and producing some creative pieces of art to demonstrate their understanding of landscape perspective – well done!

Due to the pleasant weather, we have made use of our outside area. In Spanish the children used drama to role play ordering food in a restaurant. They are becoming more and more confident with everyday phrases and have experimented with accents this week. We look forward to building our repertoire of conversation in Spanish.

Have a restful weekend,

The Eastgate Team.