Eastgate Explore Earth

Eastgate have had enjoyed an explosive return to school. The delight of owning their very own pencil case, ruler and white board caused great excitement and ensured the children are introduced to more responsibility as they progress through the juniors.

The children are thrilled with their new topic and embraced a multitude of wow moments throughout the week. We kick started our exploration of Earth by investigating it’s layers. Eastgate collectively created a mnemonic to help us remember the curst, mantle, outer and inner core (Cats Meow On Igloos).

As the week progressed, the children internalised these layers and researched interesting facts about them- did you know the Earth’s inner core is over 5000 degrees? Eastgate created a 3D model of the Earth and a volcano to display their new knowledge. We look forward to using this to explore volcanos next week– they look fabulous.

Have a restful weekend,

The Eastgate Team