Eastgate Explode with Excitment

Eastgate had an explosive week that kick started with a volcano themed science experiment. Inside our fabulous volcano models that we made last week, ┬áthe children worked in pairs to add bicarbonate of soda to vinegar- the results were fascinating. As the week progressed, Eastgate we eager to learn about how volcanoes are formed. We researched the impact of separating tectonic plates and extended our learning by categorising the different types of volcanoes in the Ring of Fire. We can’t wait to continue our exploration next week.

Eastgate enjoyed using practical resources in math this week. Together we reignited our understanding of place value and the importance of recognising the value of each digit to partition. In Year four we are extending our knowledge of number to beyond 1000 and will be looking at four digit ordering, addition and subtraction in the next few weeks.

We were excited to start our RE topic this week and explored our knowledge of the word sacred. Eastgate were surprised to learn that cows are sacred in Indian, which got us thinking about world religions.