Drawing Watergate’s Term To An End!

This week, Watergate enjoyed a Joke-Tastic, ‘Wacky Wednesday’, with wacky hair and amazing jokes, to make each other laugh. From ‘knock knocks’ jokes, to ‘why did the chicken cross the road’, Watergate successfully brought beaming smiles upon each other’s faces and continued our sense of togetherness whilst working online.

In maths, Watergate have been big spenders! The children recognised coins, counted money and worked out how much change is to be given, with excellent perseverance. Watergate have been able to read word problems, including money and use their knowledge and coins at home to answer challenging questions. They are excellent mathematicians and the Watergate team truly believe, we may have some future accountants and bankers amongst us!

The children have also, paid for their lunches with their coins, with the first meal being 70p, what a bargain! Some parents stated that their lunches were very good value – and we agree!

In SPaG, Watergate ‘painted pictures in their minds’ through the use of fantastic, creative adjectives. A few children used scary adjectives, such as a “crooked, haunted house”, and we got scared by their creativity!

During the afternoons, the children were treated with well deserved, well being opportunities, by taking the time to relax their minds, drawing with Rob to create sausage dogs and koala bears, singing with Mr Hartwell Jones and learning to create portraits with Chris Gilbert. Watergate unleashed their creativity and expressed themselves using colouring pencils and watercolours, to make their designs unique. We have enjoyed admiring each other’s creations and taking inspirations from our peers to help us with our art.

P.E with Miss V and AJ has been a fun, challenging way for us to stretch our bodies this week. Watergate focused on agility and flexibility this week, with many children still being able to touch their toes with ease! The Watergate team have been in awe with how dedicated the children are to their P.E lessons and pushing their bodies as far as they can go. Well done, Watergate champions!

We hope that you have a lovely and relaxing half term.
We are looking forward to seeing you on Monday 22nd February, as we have an amazing first day back planned!

All the best,
The Watergate Team.