Dragon Detectives!

This week’s been enjoyable for many reasons. The children have found their confidence and shown exceptional progression when completing their end of half term assessments. The independence that Bridgegate has gained within their first half-term back at school is exceptional. On World Maths Day, they enjoyed talking about why Maths is so important but also extremely fun in many ways. We spent an afternoon completing various Maths activities in teams.

With such enthusiasm, the children completed their final set of instructions – How To Make A Dragon Smoothie. Again, their new found independence shone through this writing task. Miss Jones, Miss Herbert and Miss Beeby can’t wait to see how the children con tin to progress in the coming half-term.

Bridgegate finished their week with a fantastic Friday morning of being dragon detectives! They enjoyed exploring our school gardens, where there was evidence of a roaming dragon, for dragon tracks! Amazingly, we found some dragon poo! The children used their detective skills to see what the dragon had been eating, and he seems to have been enjoying Lego figures lately, rather that tacos!

Well done Bridgegate, have a fun and restful week ready for our final week of the half-term.

The Bridgegate Team.