Division Dynamos

Another incredibly busy and productive week in Wolfgate, which has bought lots of progress, laughs and hard work.

In Literacy, we have been analysing and studying and example Magazine article ready for our independent writing next week. The children have been working hard to understand the structure and language that are found in magazine articles including the descriptive technical and questions that need answering or addressing. Next week, we will be planning, drafting, editing and re drafting our own magazine article discussing the choices and leadership skills of Shackleton.

Maths has been a delight this week, the children have been absolutely amazing and have worked incredibly hard. We have been mastering the concept of long division using the mantra of divide , multiply and then subtract. We have come across stumbling blocks along the way but the children have persevered through and come out of the other end with a sound understanding of the concept. Myself and Mr Walker are very very proud. Well done Wolfgate

Within our Transdisciplinary theme this week, we have learnt about commitment and sacrifice in Islam, the children have been learning about ‘Shawm’ which is one of the pillars of Islam. They discussed the importance of fasting and the commitment needed and also why Muslims take part in Ramadan and other fastings.

In PE, the children have been developing their rugby skills with Miss Valentine, and making the most of the situation we find ourselves in and with the weather. They have been taking part in various skill set tasks which included running with a ball and passing a ball against a wall as many times as possible in a minute.

Lastly, this week has been Assessment Week, the children have made fabulous progress this year so far and worked hard to show what they have learnt in their assessments.

Have a fabulous weekend. Stay Safe!

The Wolfgate Team