Discoveries of Digestion

Eastgate have had an exciting week that concluded with the exploration of digestion in science.

Inspired by the gruesome removal of organs during the mummification process, Eastgate were keen to understand more about the role of these body parts in science. We tracked the journey of food through our bodies and internalised the stages of the digestion- it was fascinating.

In history the children researched how ancient Egyptians influenced the modern day. Particular focus was drawn to sport and leisure, oral hygiene and the use of wigs. Likewise, Eastgate were amazed by their discoveries in Religious Studies when they researched the Hindu creation story which can be seen here

In mathematics this week, Eastgate continued their exploration of measurement and progressed to millimetres, centimetres and metres. We even exercised our knowledge and skills by measuring distances and times in PE this week.

Have a restful weekend,

The Eastgate Team.