Delivering Debates in Watergate!

Watergate have enjoyed another fun-filled week, this week!

During SPaG this week, Watergate have focused on persuasive language and the features within it.

The children used their knowledge of persuasive language to create a debate surrounding the question, “Should all children have pets?” The Watergate team were blown away with the fantastic arguments that were made on both sides! However, it was a victory to the Foxes and Squirrels on the ‘for’ side!

Well done everyone for your hard work!

Within Maths this week, Watergate are mastering their division skills.

The children have worked hard to select key information from word problems and use their knowledge to reach the answer. Watergate have even been able to check their work by using multiplication as the inverse – a fantastic and Northgate-ready mathematical skill!

Watergate have enjoyed playing cricket with AJ this week. The children focused on bowling and batting the ball, and were able to master the skill with great precision! Watergate replicated similar skills to their rounders with Miss V, and the Watergate team was blown away by the children’s resilience and teamwork skills!

We hope you have a lovely, restful weekend this weekend!
The Watergate team.