Dear Diary,

Northgate have had a very productive week that concluded with the children writing characterful diary entries, full of feeling.

The children have continued exploring Celtic and Roman characters that featured in Boudicca’s rebellion and enjoyed role playing their thoughts, feelings and actions through out various tragic events. Drama has helped Northgate internalise their character’s reactions and inspired the creation of wonderful diary entries- well done Northagte!

In maths, the children have been partitioning three digit numbers into hundreds, tens and ones. The children displayed their concrete exploration of the base ten equipment on PicCollage, before progressing to answering one and two step word problems that features larger numbers.

Northgate also used the Ipads to navigate google maps this week. We worked together to identify how land is used in the UK. Comparing Llangollen to Glasgow allowed the children to see how land is used differently.

Northgate have continued learning about Gaudi this week and have produced some colourful art recreating the tessellatum technique which was also employed by the ancient romans- they look amazing!

Have a restful weekend,

The Year Three Team.