Daydreaming about Decimals!

Shipgate have been their usual busy selves this week!

Across their maths learning this week, Shipgate have been adding decimals with the same number of decimal places, subtracting decimals with the same number of decimal places and adding decimals with different amounts of decimal places! The children have also completed a revision task and have self-assessed this work!

Within their literacy learning this week, the children have been experimenting with parenthesis through the use of brackets. The children have also completed their weekly spelling task where they find the definition of this week’s spelling words and then put them into sentences. Finally, within literacy, the Shipgate have completed a reading comprehension tasks of which they have self-assessed.

Topic work this week, has seen the children continuing their learning on WWII. Year five have created propaganda posters that encouraged British people to back the war, researched what Chester was like during the time of WWII and even explored what they would need in their evacuation case! Additionally, the children have started their learning on justice and freedom.

Finally, within French, the children have been recapping food words through the use of French videos and stories!

We hope you have a lovely weekend,

The Year 5 team.