Cracking Cultural Carnival

Northgate have consolidated their learning of cultural influences and how they can be expressed within dance. They applied their knowledge of canon, unison and solo from their Stomp workshop to create a showpiece for the carnival. They worked collaboratively to create props and costumes, choreographed their dance and on Thursday celebrated with a carnival, showcasing a range of cultural dances. The children compared the dances and identified how culture impacts on style, music and clothing.

The children have also become budding authors, completing their creations of Jack and the Beanstalk, with some really interesting concepts including being inspired by Lord of the Rings to a melting marshmallow beanstalk. Well done.

They had the unique opportunity to work with each teacher in school, focusing on literacy, art and music, completing some stunning  artwork based on their cultural dance to show all the world is a stage. They also took part in their inter-house Netball competition and were a credit to their house, showing fantastic team spirit.

This week the children have completed assessments and have tried their best and shown how much they have learned this year, well done Northgate, we are very proud.

Have a great half term.