Competition Time

Eastgate have had a lovely week filled with amazing attitudes for learning and improving.

Following on from last week in Literacy, the children have been able to investigate their new book, leaf in more detail. They have defined key words and phrases from the book and looked into setting description.

In Maths, Eastgate have been measuring, converting and comparing weight and volume this week. They have also been able to use this knowledge of converting and comparing to look at scaling ingredients in recipes to make more tasty food!

This week in Art, the children have been able to use their learning to create a fact file on their new artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo. They have also been able to design funny food faces using PicCollage on their iPads.

In Stretch and Grow, Eastgate enjoyed looking at air resistance using their iPads to film each other in slow motion throwing javelins, netballs and tennis balls.

Each day the children have excitedly been checking up on their plants to see how much they are growing. They are all so happy to see how quickly the seeds of cress, sunflower and marigold are growing. The race is now on to see who’s bean will sprout first!

In PE with AJ, the competitive spirit of Eastgate really came out during an enjoyable dodgeball tournament. With Miss Valentine, Eastgate worked together in team problem solving challenges. In Dance, the children have been able to incorporate moves that have shown great flexibility and balance. After looking at the photos, Miss Fuller cannot wait to see the final performance!

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

The Year 4 Team