Watergate Homework

Watergate Homework

Return Date: Friday 20th March 2020

SATs preparation:

Reading paper 1 – please see the guidelines, that have been sent home, to support.


Extra Maths:

Along with times tables, the children have been focussing a lot on securing their number bonds to 10, 20 and 100, and will continue to do so. It would be extremely helpful for your child to practise these at home alongside all homework each week. This will massively support your child on their journey up to the SATs.


Spellings/times tables:

Please complete the times tables that have been given out. Please encourage your child to use the strategy ‘can I count in?’.



Please continue to read your school books and more!


Snack Money – 

If your child brings in money for snack, please may you count out with them and provide them with various coins that make up 50p (e.g: 10p+10p+10p+10p+10p or 20p+10p+10p+5p+2p+2p+1p). This is to enrich the children understanding of different coins and how they add to create an amount of money. We are also aiming to encourage the children to count up their own money in different ways – the more you vary it, the better!


Thank You,

The Year Two Team.