Watergate Homework

Watergate Homework

Return Date: Wednesday 23rd October

Literacy comprehension –

Starfish: Stop Telling Fibs

Optional extension task: Sound spot as many different sounds as you can find. 

Angelfish and Clownfish: Minibeasts

Optional extension task: Create a fact poster about any minibeast.

Maths patterns –

Place value sheet

Some children have been given an extra challenge sheet.

Optional extension task: Can you show the expanded form? For example, the expanded form of 23 is 20+3=23.


To practise and write your spellings independently (this is also a good opportunity to use your handwriting card and practise your cursive handwriting).

Optional extension task: Can you write a sentence for your spelling words in the correct context?


Please continue to read your school books and more!

Thank You,

The Year Two Team.