Watergate marks a special milestone in your child’s education at St Martin’s Academy and acts as a year, which draws an end to a wonderful journey through Key Stage One and prepares your child for their smooth transition, into the juniors.

Who are Watergate?

Watergate are the Year 2 Class at St Martin’s Academy, made up of 25 creative individual children. In Watergate, we are proud to run a two year rolling curriculum, across Bridgegate and Watergate. The children in both year groups are taught through the same Transdisciplinary Theme, across the two year period. However, based on the curriculum expectations for each year group, the content is adapted accordingly, to meet the attainment needs and interests of all children. Here, at St Martins, every half term, we teach the children through the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP), which is underpinned by the following Transdisciplinary Themes throughout the year:
1. Who we are.

2. Where we are in place and time.

3. How we express ourselves.

4. How the world works.

5. How we organize ourselves.

6. Sharing the planet.

All Transdisciplinary Themes have relevance in the real world, in an effort to ensure the children’s learning focuses on enabling them to become well-rounded, self-assured people for the future. Furthermore, the IB is unique, as it focuses on developing the whole child, which as a result, supports the children to develop a positive attitude towards their learning journey throughout St Martins and beyond.

The Teaching Team
Class Teacher – Miss Pourghorban
Teaching Assistant – Miss MacGregor.
PE Teacher – Miss Valentine & AJ Huddart.
Music Teacher – Mr Hartwell-Jones.

Year 2 is a particularly important stage of your child’s education because in the Summer Term, Watergate will take the Key Stage One SATs assessments.

The caring and devoted team in Watergate are dedicated to preparing your child both, academically and emotionally, for the assessments they are due to take this year through offering a rich and varied curriculum, which holds the development of the whole child, as a priority.

Watergate start every half term with an exciting and inspiring stimulus, motivated by an inquiry-led, Transdisciplinary Framework. Your child will be challenged to think for themselves and will be encouraged to take a conscientious approach to their learning, as they will be exposed to an enriched learning environment, where they are free to explore subjects topically and are facilitated opportunities for the application of knowledge and skills, in real-life contexts. In addition, your child will embark on their first residential experience this year, which will of course be a memorable adventure not to be missed!

Watergate’s homework and spelling are handed out to the children via Google Classroom, each Friday and are expected to be returned, by the following Friday.

Morning Challenge offers a valuable start to your child’s school day, offering social benefits through collaborative working opportunities and further academic support as morning challenge activities are specifically designed to consolidate and extend your child’s learning, whilst encourage peer interaction. This time also accommodates for pastoral and targeted academic intervention, to ensure your child eases into their morning purposefully and are ready to access their school day with a positive and motivated mindset.

Phonics, Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar
Building on the success of the ongoing, hard work your child demonstrated last year, whilst looking forward to the expectation of Year 2 SATs, your child will be take part in a discrete phonics and SPAG lesson, each morning. These sessions are designed to empower your child with a broad understanding and skill set, which supports the development of their independent reading and writing.

Allowing for the real-life application of arithmetic skills and reasoning, maths is taught topically in Watergate. Your child will become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, in line with the National Curriculum Y2 expectations, whilst developing conceptual understanding and reasoning in inquiry based, practical lessons.

Literacy lessons reflect the importance of spoken and written language in your child’s development across the whole curriculum, enhancing their cognitive, social and linguistic development.
Watergate explore a multitude of genres before internalising key features of these text types, through drama and practical activities.

Guided by six transdisciplinary themes of global significance, your child will explore a range of topics aimed to develop their conceptual understandings, strengthening their knowledge and skills across and beyond subject areas to encourage a life long love of learning.

Physical Education
Alongside the range of engaging learning opportunities your child will be exposed to within the week, Watergate’s PE sessions are scheduled to take place on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Therefore, these days listed are when your child will require either their PE kit, to complete their designated sessions alongside specialist PE staff.