Bridgegate Homework

Bridgegate’s Homework:

Date: Thursday 24th October, to be completed over the half term.

The homework that is set for the children in Bridgegate is carefully selected and designed to support, consolidate and extend the learning that takes place in class and aims to inspire their curiosity outside of the classroom.

Reading: Please continue to read with your child every night and may you record this in your child’s Reading Record for our team to track your child’s progress. Reading to your child is also very beneficial, even if they are accomplished readers, as this increases their vocabulary and fosters a love of reading for pleasure.

Spellings: Due to the (practiced) phonics screening check assessment and the additional curriculum assessments, which will take place in the following weeks before the half term, the year one team will not be sending home spellings this week.

Phonics Screening Practice Paper: To further support your child to apply their knowledge of the phonics sounds they have learnt so far this term, please support your child to complete the Phonics Screening Check past paper at home, which is provided. The aim of the past paper is to simply encourage and enhance your child’s ability to segment and verbally blend the 40 ‘real’ and ‘alien’ words, that appear throughout the test. When listening to your child read, please score the words that are pronounced ‘correct’ or ‘incorrect’ and make a comment if you notice any reoccurring errors, such as mistaking a ‘b’ for a ‘d’, or misjudging a phonetic sound. In doing so, this score sheet will then provide the Year One team with a added, clear indication as to areas that require focus in the following term.

Thank you for the hard work and effort that you have put into working with your child at home so far this term, the Year One Team are extremely grateful for all of your support and look forward to welcoming your child back to school, after the half term.

We hope you have a fantastic Halloween and restful break!

The Year One Team.