The journey into Bridgegate is a special transition made by children at St Martin’s Academy, as your child progresses into an independent and self-assured person during their second year of education at our school.

Bridgegate proudly begin each half-term with an enthusing stimulus, motivated by an inquiry-led, Transdisciplinary Framework. Therefore, your child will be exposed to an enriched learning environment they are able to fully explore and engage with, to develop their interests and innate curiosity alongside their peers, whilst allow them to strive towards becoming an active, life long learner. During their time in Bridgegate, your child will be challenged to think as an individual and will be supported to take a meticulous approach to their learning through exposure to real-life contexts.

The Year One Team aim to ensure that within your child’s time spent in Bridgegate, they have the opportunity to be involved in a range of exciting and collaborative learning opportunities across the curriculum, to ensure they are able to successfully develop into an inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young person.

Lastly, the Year One Team in Bridgegate are committed to preparing your child, both academically and emotionally, for the main assessment they will experience in Year One, the Phonics Screening Check.

The Year One Team:

Class Teacher: Miss Jones

Assistant Teachers: Miss Herbert and Miss Beeby

A typical day in Bridgegate:

Morning Challenge

Across the year groups at St Martin’s Academy, each morning your child will be offered a valuable start to their day, through engaging in a variety of morning challenge activities, facilitated by their class teacher. This works to consolidate and extend your child’s prior learning across the curriculum, whilst enables them to enhance their social and personal development through autonomously exploring a range of learning activities alongside their peers. Additionally, this time is dedicated to pastoral and targeted academic intervention, enabling your child to receive adequate support to promote learning in class and to ease their access to learning across all areas of the curriculum.


At St Martin’s Academy, you child will be exposed to daily phonics sessions, which are created to equip your child with a broad understanding and skill set that supports the development of their independent reading and writing.

To follow, your child will then receive the opportunity to apply their knowledge of phonics through the phonics programme of study, Read Write Inc, which permits your child to consistently recognise taught phonics sounds within the books they read and the writing they are supported to compose.

Spellings will be handed out each Friday through Google Classroom, along with Homework.


At St Martin’s Academy, Maths is taught alongside the area of study your child will become familiar with during their topic work. In line with Year One’s National Curriculum expectations in Maths, your child will be taught the real-life application of arithmetic skills. In doing so, your child will be supported to become fluent in the basic fundamentals of Mathematics, through exposure to practical lessons that offer them the opportunity to work collaboratively and develop conceptual understanding and reasoning skills, through inquiry based learning tasks.


The Year One Team recognise that Literacy acts as a fundamental area of your child’s learning that enables their access across the whole curriculum. Literacy supports their social and linguistic personal development which they utilise everyday outside of the classroom, as young people through their play.

Therefore, Birdgegate acts as a bridge between the Early Years Foundation Stage and Year Two, though progressively evolving your child’s ‘Communication and Language’ skills through practical activities that encourage cooperative and communicative learning opportunities. Doing so, your child will successfully have the chance to approach a range of genres and particular key features of specific text types.


Guided by six Transdisciplinary themes that are of global significance, your child will explore a multiple of inspiring topics, which are aimed to develop their conceptual understandings and will strengthen their knowledge and skills across and beyond subject areas, to encourage a life long love of learning. Our topic sessions, which are linked to our Literacy theme, include: Geography, History, French and Music. We also focus on the importance of using ICT in the correct way, particularly in the current times, as well as PSHE and RE.

Snack Time and Lunch Time

Each day, your child will have the opportunity to purchase toast and a juice from Steve the chef at St Martin’s Academy, both items at a cost of 25p each. It is rewarding to observe how much the children enjoy using their money in a practical way during snack time and learn to recognise the coins they use in real life context. Alternatively, we do allow an alternative morning snack of fruit from home if you wish to supply this. For lunchtime, Steve the chef creates a range of wonderful meals for the children. These are freshly prepared daily and are eaten around a table together.

Physical Education

Alongside the engaging and actively challenging learning opportunities your child will be exposed to within the week, Bridgegate’s P.E sessions are scheduled to take place on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, along with swimming on Friday for each child, which will continue when the current circumstances allows it to. Therefore, these days listed are when your child will require to bring their PE kit into school on a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.