Northgate News

Northgate have had a fantastic week of learning, they have experienced what life was like for a Victorian child, writing… read more
This week Northgate have explored what life was like for Queen Victoria, researching her biography and creating information posters using… read more
Northgate this week have recognised the importance of the journeys refugees make when seeking sanctuary. They have continued exploring the… read more
A terrific week of learning this week; Northgate completed their studies of the Wars of the Roses, learning more about… read more
Northgate time-travelled with the help of the Makers of History to learn how to survive during Tudor times. They brought… read more
Northgate have consolidated their learning of cultural influences and how they can be expressed within dance. They applied their knowledge… read more
This week, Northgate's collaborative projects have seen them researching and writing an explanation text on their cultural dance. They explored… read more
This week Northgate have continued their research on their chosen dance answering key questions they have thought of such as… read more
Northgate had the incredible opportunity to work with Pete from Nebula Artistic, a well-known dancer and choreographer who has performed… read more
Northgate have explored the world of communication and sound, they discussed how sound is created by vibrations and completed a… read more

House Points

  • Hedgehogs
  • Squirrels
  • Owls
  • Foxes