Brilliant Bridgegate!

What an amazing first week back Bridgegate have had!

We started our week with a visit from and author called Darron, the children really engaged with his book and his Monster workshop, where they created some amazing monsters! We also had a go at the noise meter, which measured how loud we were…. The loudest was 130.0 decibels, the same as a fog horn and our quietest was 111.9 decibels, the same volume as a lion’s roar.

Miss Smith brought in a VR headset this and we had a go at walking the plank at the top of a skyscraper! The children really impressed us with their bravery and maturity, whilst waiting for their turn. Well done Bridgegate!

The children have being learning about the features of poetry this week. We looked at adjectives to describe and used these to improve our sentences. We came up with some awesome alliterations for animals and even our names. All children really impressed with their similes, they came up with some fantastic ideas for the colours of the rainbow. They have created some brilliant senses poems around the theme of summer. We’ve used our artistic skills to create pieces of work based on Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons’.

On Wednesday we got to have a cricket skills lesson thanks to Miss Valentine and Cheshire Cricket. Bridgegate got really involved and thoroughly enjoyed the session.

We’ve worked hard on our multiplication skills. Learning to count in 5s and to use this knowledge to answer word problems.

We have also taken advantage of the gorgeous weather this week and taken some of learning outside and enjoyed our afternoon snack out there too.

Thank you Bridgegate for all your hard work this week you’ve made us so proud.

Have a wonderful weekend,
Thank you for your continued support.

The Bridgegate Team.