Bridgegate’s Brains Bloom

This week, Bridgegate have worked extremely well to carry out a range of brilliant, blooming science experiments and as a result, have furthered their knowledge of wild garden plants, as well as how they grow!

The children firstly developed their knowledge of the different parts of a flower by representing the basic structure of their favourite wild, garden plant through recreating its form using exciting artistic resources. Once complete, the children were enthused to create a set of actions to support them to recall the specific scientific terminology belonging to each part of a plant.

Additionally, the children enjoyed handling a variety of real life plants this week and categorising their favourite wild, garden plants with their friends. Having done so, the children could confidently identify and name a bundle of common, wild garden plants through this collaborative learning opportunity, whilst observed the distinctive survival needs of all plants through exploring the requirements of plants for life and successful growth.

During Maths, all of Bridgegate were motivated to further their knowledge and understanding with regards to measurement this week. Through the exciting, learning opportunities created by Miss Kubow, the children were offered the chance to compare and describe the difference between the weight of a range of everyday objects. This inspired the children to adopt and voice impressive mathematical vocabulary alongside one another, allowing them to effectively justify how they had solved the mathematical problems with which they were presented. To stretch their brains, the children moved on to measuring and recording the mass and weight of everyday objects they come into contact with earlier in the week, through physically weighing objects and visually representing these within carefully drawn diagrams.

Drawing the week to an end, the children were thrilled to celebrate their hard work this week through planting beans into their very own pots! The Year One Team look forward to hearing about the growth of your child’s plant at home and are hoping for as many photos and pieces of writing as possible from the children!

Have a restful weekend,
The Year One Team.