Bridgegate’s Beneficial Lifestyle

This week, the children have worked superbly together, as a team, to explore and identify the best way to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle. In their house teams, Bridgegate visually classified each one of their favourite foods into food groups such as carbohydrates, healthy fats, fruits and vegetables, diary products and protein. In doing so, the children quickly developed a secure understanding of the importance of a balanced diet, in a way which best fuels their energy, strength and overall well-being.

During Maths this week, the children extended their knowledge of how to tell the time to the hour and amazed the Year One Team with their accurate demonstrations, which justified their outstanding knowledge. The children thoroughly enjoyed drawing hands on the clock faces they took the time to carefully create and had a fantastic time engaging with their friends outdoors, to physically represent different times to the hour.

Lastly, the children had the opportunity to attend Eisteddfod, at Llangollen, to experience the International Music Festival. The festival offered the children with an unforgettable experience, where they spent the day exploring inspirational singing, dancing and performances, which all work to support international peace and friendship. Bridgegate left the festival feeling elated and extremely enthusiastic about the importance of celebrating the cultures and traditions that exist in our world.