Bridgegate let their hair down with Beth Woollvin

This week, Bridgegate truly amazed the Year One Team with the independence they exemplified when writing their drafted letters to Emily Pankhurst. Whist writing, each child demonstrated a sophisticated approach to their learning, and proved they are most definitely ready to transition into Watergate. Within the letters the children wrote, Bridgegate clearly reflected their understanding of how Emily Pankhurst won the right for woman to vote, supported the equal rights movement and also included a range of ways Emily Pankhurst is celebrated to this day, especially in influential cities such as London and Manchester.

To kick start Maths this week, Bridgegate compared and sorted common 3D shapes, alongside everyday objects. Bridgegate successfully observed their everyday environment and applied their knowledge of the visual representation of cylinders, cones, cubes, cuboids, triangular prisms, square based pyriminds and triangular prisms, in order to acknowledge the 3D shapes that construct their surroundings. Next week, the Year One Team look forward to expanding Bridgegate’s knowledge, with regards to telling the time to the hour and therefore, any practice over the weekend would be beneficial to your child’s learning and greatly appreciated.

Bringing the week to an eventful end.. Bridgegate enjoyed the fantastic opportunity to welcome Beth Woollvin, the author and illustrator of the much loved ‘Rapunzel’, ‘Hansel and Gretal’ and ‘Little Red’, to St Martins. Wednesday afternoon, the children in Watergate and Bridgegate burst with excitement when they were informed they would have the chance to be read to by the author herself, to introduce them to their new focus in Literacy, the story of Rapunzel. Following the story telling afternoon, Beth offered the children the time to take part in a variety of workshops, which allowed them to experience the lengthly process of how to illustrate a complete traditional tale story and doing so, the children recognised an illustrator’s first attempt is almost never a perfect outcome!

Lastly, a huge well done to all of the children for the effort they displayed during sports day on Friday. Each house team demonstrated fantastic leadership and teamwork skills throughout all events which took place and the Year One Team have no doubt that Bridgegate enjoyed every minute of competing against their peers and cheering on their close friends during each race.

Have a lovely weekend,
The Year One Team.