Bridgegate Go Number Bond Crazy!

During Maths this week, the children have extended their knowledge of number bonds to 10, 20 and even 100! It has been unbelievable to view the children absorb the many skills the Year 1 team have taught them this week and apply it to their learning by constructing number bond sentences independently. To further help your child to consolidate their understanding of number bonds to ten, please support your child at home to recite the 10 times tables – practice makes perfect and they have really been enjoying getting better and better at this particular times table!

During phonics this week, the children have explored the new sounds, ‘ir – whirl and twirl, ou – shout it out and oy – toy for a boy’. Each day, Bridgegate are modelling a responsible and mature attitude to their learning in phonics, through the interest they are demonstrating towards writing non-fiction stories and recounts, all of which feature the application of their taught phonics sounds.

To bring the week to a productive end, the children completed each of their letters to their current hero, Rosie Revere the Engineer. This was a very proud moment for many of the children; due to the dedication and effort they were required to apply to their writing in order to include all of the importance features of a letter.

Have a great weekend and if you are attending, please enjoy FOSMA’s BBQ!

The Year One Team.