Bridgegate Beginners

Bridgegate have made a phenomenal transition into Year One. They have shown exceptional independence through helping others in table tasks, getting changed for PE and working with the Bridgegate team to learn and adjust to new, more mature routines and rules. The children have enjoyed sharing their summer holiday experiences with the class and using their wonderful writing skills to put their own experiences into sentences.

In Maths, the children have focused on securing their knowledge of counting forwards and backwards to thirty, including spotting missing numbers and working as a team to order number cards. In addition to this, Bridgegate have been able to continue their practise of number formation. The children ended the week by successfully completing their first Year One Maths quiz, which is something that they will complete at the beginning of each half term.

The Great, Greedy Dragon is a mystery that we have been met with in Bridgegate this week. Who is he or she? What do they want!? The children have discussed and written about what they already know about The Great, Greedy Dragon, including that he or she is very greedy! Following this, as a class, we thought about what we would like to know about The Great, Greedy Dragon. Many children are hoping to find out what he or she is so greedy for! Bridgegate will be keeping a watch out for The Great, Greedy Dragon over the following few weeks!

Bridgegate have been working hard to practise their hand washing skills through Cosmic Yoga to defeat the germs! They have taken to our new way of school very well and have impressed all of the teachers!

Not only have we, the Bridgegate team, thoroughly enjoyed getting to know our new class but we have loved meeting and having the chance to speak to many of the Bridgegate parents at pick up time. We anticipate and hope for a very exciting year, that will allow us to move forward from previous months and become even stronger than ever before.

Please ensure that you check your child’s Google Classroom for this week’s homework.

Thank you for all of your continued support,

The Bridgegate Team.