Becoming Bridgegate Chefs

During this week, the children have extended their Bridgegate brains, in order to create delicious ‘Bridgegate Beneficial Menus’. Each child successfully reflected on their knowledge of the different food groups this week, which they understand are required to create a balanced, healthy diet. In doing so, the children were enthused to collaboratively create their own, unique dinner menu to enjoy, by drawing and labelling their favourite foods that fall into the category of carbohydrates, healthy fats and sugars, fruits and vegetables, protein and diary.

Following the success of sports day, Bridgegate were extremely motivated to celebrate each of their House Team’s efforts from the day. Bringing their week to a positive and motivating end, the children created beautiful mosque designs, to represent each of their House Team animals. Once complete, the children worked together to display their fantastic House Team creations in their new classroom, in Watergate, to welcome them in September.

During Literacy this week, Bridgegate have explored the concept of good and bad characters by investigating in detail, the characters in the wonderful story, Rapunzel, by the much loved author, Bethan Woolvin. When meeting Bethan a few weeks ago, the children were inspired by how both good and bad characters were distinctively portrayed in the story and clearly presented through the use of powerful adjectives and colour within Bethan’s illustrations. Therefore, this enthused Bridgegate to complete character description posters this week, for each character in the story, based on their appearance, temperament, personality and actions, which the children beautifully created through writing brilliant character descriptions and drawing accurate illustrations.

Have a great weekend and we look forward to celebrating the children’s final week in Bridgegate, next week.
The Year One Team.