Arts, Creative Writing and Taking Risks!

To conclude the final week in Bridgegate, the children worked super successfully within their two bubbles and enjoyed creating,’Watergate warrior’ shields, in order to personalise their new classroom! Bridgegate reflected their individual, creative interests and flair, by designing and making bold and beautiful shields, which in September, will work with the intention to remind the children to always be brave and stay true to themselves.

Also, the children took the time this week, to collectively consider the types of stories they have taken the most interest in this year, which fall within the genres Fiction and Non-Fiction. In doing so, Bridgegate celebrated their passion for a variety of stories, many of which originate from the author, Julia Donaldson. From this point, Bridgegate were inspired to create impressive book reviews, which detailed their interest in the characters, the plot and illustrations displayed in Julia Donaldson’s stories.

On Wednesday, the children had a fantastic time, singing with Mr. Hartwell Jones. This week’s singing was a celebration of Bridgegate’s favourite, ‘feel-good’ songs. The children thoroughly enjoyed singing their hearts out to, Firework, Colours of the Wind and of course, Dance Monkey.. which led to an anchor, singing I’m Still Standing in the rain!

Towards the end of this week, Bridgegate took the time to consider and write about what they are most looking forward to, next academic year and shared amongst their bubbles, the personal and academic goals they have for themselves. Many goals the children discussed, included continuing to strengthen new found friendships, improving their fluency of different multiplications and working to progress, amongst the reading colour they are currently working at.

Once more, the Bridgegate team would like to send out a huge thank you to all families for your continued support, over the duration of this year, especially during the unpredictable and unique circumstances we have experienced together, this year!

Have a wonderful, restful and safe summer and we look forward to welcoming the children back as Watergate, in September!

Take care,

The Year One team.