An Ode to you, Poetry!

This week is quite a momentous week for Wolfgate, they embark on their final half term here at the academy, and we are determined to ensure it is filled with laughter and happiness, just like we have aimed for since September.

In Literacy this week, we have been developing our knowledge and love for Poetry, the children have immersed themselves into different types of poetry from a wide range of poets and structures, from Spike Milligan’s Ning Nang Nong to An Ode to a Pencil Sharpener. The children have loved their learning this week, with a quote being ‘Poetry is not as boring as I thought’ which was the team’s aim at the beginning of the week. The children have drafted and illustrated their own poems which you can see below in our weekly pictures. We had the pleasure of having Ash Dickinson, a published poet in the classroom, working on Shadorma with the children, they loved him and his energy about poetry.

In Maths, this week we have been revising some key concepts from the past academic year. We have revised long multiplication, using the column method, it was great to see the children recalling knowledge from before Christmas and seeing the progress they have made in their reasoning especially. We then moved on to revising long division, the children were brilliant and recalled some fantastic strategies to help them efficiently solve problems.

Within our new Transdicsiplinary Theme of ‘Who We Are’ the children have started learning about Adoloescense and the changes that happen as we grow through our teenage years and to become an adult. We have been and will be having some mature discussions about puberty and what that entails over the next few weeks. We analysed pictures of ourselves as babies and discussed the changes that have been made.

In PE, our Sports Leaders have enjoyed leading their own sessions, putting into practice the methods and skills they have developed with Miss Valentine.

Have a fabulous weekend! Enjoy the sunshine!

The Wolfgate Team