All things Vikings!

Welcome back everybody.

Shipgate have been learning about all things Vikings with Mr Paterson this week. On Monday, the children learnt all about Viking traditions, focusing in particular on Viking funerals. They were fascinated to learn that powerful and respected Vikings were burnt in their ships out at sea. Shipgate then carried out their own Viking funerals by creating spears, food and pottery for the inside of a card boat that Mr Paterson designed, and setting it on fire! It was very exciting.

The children then consolidated what they had learnt that morning by writing a set of instructions on how to carry out a Viking funeral for anyone who had no idea about them. Likewise, they have also been researching the origins of different viking words and designing information posters to present their findings.

Aside from Vikings, Shipgate have also been very lucky to have two school trips this week, where they have visited two different high schools and worked alongside secondary school teachers and other year 5 classes. Their first visit was to Queens Park High School where they took part in the following 3 exciting workshops: Social Studies, History and Science. On Friday, they went to Abbeygate College, where they spent the day learning about all things science, technology, engineering and maths. All the children were very engaged and learnt lots of new things!

We hope you all have a restful weekend after such a busy week.

The Year 5 Team.