Physical Education

At St Martin’s Academy we believe that Physical Education plays a vital role in contributing to a child’s physical and emotional development and overall health and wellbeing.

We are extremely proud of our sporting achievements, details of which can be found in our Sports Report section of Latest News.

Every class at St Martin’s receives at least three hours of PE per week comprising of indoor and outdoor activities as well as swimming.

PE sessions at St Martin’s promote teamwork, imagination, personal health and fitness in a fun and encouraging environment. Children of all abilities both develop new skills and have a greater sense of achievement and self worth; gifted and talented children are given the opportunity to shine.

The well planned and varied curriculum fosters in all our children an enthusiasm and passion for individual and team sports including an element of competition that will teach pupils important lessons for life. We teach children from an early phase a broad range of skills which they will be able to apply to a variety of sports. We follow a sequential, developmental curriculum which progressively builds on past experiences and incorporates new experiences when children are ready. In addition to being actively engaged, children need plenty of opportunities to practice the skill or concept being taught that day. Our quality programme provides many practice opportunities, sometimes alone, sometimes with a partner and sometimes during small sided games in groups.

Within our physical education sessions and our growing number of after school clubs we will provide opportunities for children to manage themselves and their conduct in a variety of situations and develop essential character strengths that will enable them to go on to lead happy, healthy and successful lives.

Our aim is to ensure all children develop:

  • A positive attitude to health, hygiene and fitness
  • A strong sense of fair play and good sportsmanship
  • Personal characteristics of self-control and self discipline
  • High self confidence and self esteem