At St Martin’s Academy, we believe that developing our children’s multilingualism is a fundamental part of increasing intercultural understanding and international outlook and, as such, we introduce modern language learning from Reception.

From the start of their academic career, the children at St Martin’s begin their journey as effective language users by understanding the use and structure of their own home language* and through learning an additional language in school.

Throughout the infant phase, French or Spanish are the main additional languages taught through dedicated teaching sessions with a language specialist or through extension activities within the classroom. As a child moves through the school, the option to learn a new language is explored as well as the opportunity to continue to study their second language further.

*The main language used at home may vary for some of our children and we feel that it is vitally important to recognise the languages that all of our children are familiar with and ensure that they continue to develop as users of their own home language as well as learning in the main language of instruction at school (English). Support is offered to all children with additional language needs in order for them to access the curriculum.