Active Bodies And Brains!

Throughout British Science Week, Watergate have focussed mainly on adaptations of animals within their own environments. We have looked at the polar animals and discovered some amazing facts about how the Arctic provides a safe environment for animals such as polar bears. Not only have the children focussed on animals within the polar regions, but they have researched their own fascinating facts about their favourite animals, from lions and tigers to frogs and rabbits!

In addition to focussing on the science of a diverse range of animals across the world, the Watergate have been extremely active in the build up to Sports Relief. On Thursday, we took part in an active hour of handball in the blow up pitch on the playground. The children really showed their team player and sportsmanship skills during the games that they played, some children in Watergate also took part in a bleep test against their adults from home! On Friday, Watergate, along with the rest of the classes, came into school in their own sports kits to support Sports Relief. During morning challenge to start the day off, we got active by completing some fitness videos.

We have also welcomed Mr Simmonds to our class this week, however have said a big goodbye to our beautiful chicks, who were getting extremely big!